Useful Links

Visit the resources listed here for information on some of the more popular and widely grown flowers, including seasonal ones.

Albuquerque gardening has some unique requirements, but if you know what they are it is easy to be successful.  Here are some websites that provide specific information for gardening HERE.

Have a favorite flower or plant -- one you just can't get enough of?  Chances are there is a plant society or garden club with members who feel the same way you do.  Here is the place to get in-depth information about growing your favorites, often including photo galleries.  

There are beautiful gardens everywhere that are open to the public.  Use the garden locaters and websites found here to see what's available for you to visit when traveling near and far.      

Here is where you will find help for creating gardens and landscapes that attract these popular backyard wildlife friends -- everything from identification tips & photos, to information on the plants they love and why.  

Soil is only as good as you make it.  These resources will help you learn what to use to prepare, protect, and feed the soil in which you grow your flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs.

You don't have to stop gardening when the weather gets cold and you don't have to have a big yard to garden.  These websites will give you information on how you can extend your growing season,  and how to be a successful container and small space gardener.

All states have an extension service and most have Master Gardener organizations.  Meet a few from neighboring states here.   

Check out some of these articles about the latest plant, soil and other science, and even one about how to draw leaves! 

This is the place to get information on the types of fruits and berries that do best here, and what you can do to get best results.

Gateways and sites providing information on a broad spectrum of gardening topics.    

Herbs have been an integral part of cooking and medicine for ages.  Visit some of the websites here to learn about growing your favorites.

Learn about selecting, growing, and maintaining beautiful, healthy houseplants.

IPM is all about the smart handling of pests and diseases that will attack your favorite plants,  flowers, and vegetables at one time or another.  Learn about IPM here. 

You may live in a desert, but you still can have a nice lawn.  Learn about the turf grasses that do well in THIS climate.

More and more landscapes are incorporating native plants and wildflowers in their design.  Learn about New Mexico and southwestern U.S. natives here, as well as getting information on when and where to see them putting on their best  displays "in the wild".  

Resources to help the beginner or the experienced gardener learn and practice gardening techniques that make better use of available environmental resources and reduce pesticide use, among other notable goals. 

Helpful resources to identify a plant or to find something unique to grow in your garden.  Lots of photos, drawings and other information about plants, plants and more plants.    

Every garden gets them -- pests.  It can be insects, a disease, or a four-legged version.  If you want to treat the problem successfully, you have to identify it first.  These websites are loaded with photos, drawings and descriptions. 

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These resources will help you identify diseases they may attack plants in your landscapes and gardens. Learn what to do to prevent diseases and how to handle them if they occur.

Insects probably account for most plant problems.  You can't address the problem if you don't know what is causing it.  These resources will help you identify insect pests and select solutions.

Some of us will never have to deal with vertebrate plant pests, but if your landscape regularly entertains deer, rabbits or other such critters, these resources will help you identify and deal with them.

If you want help in picking the best shrubs and trees for your Albuquerque landscape, check out  the resources found here.

This is where you can find information on unique types of gardens including community, water, and Japanese gardens.

Growing your own salad is one way to make sure your produce is REALLY fresh!  This is the place for vegetable gardening tips and information on the best way to grow them here.

Find your heat and hardiness (cold) zones.  You can even find your soil zone here as well as historic weather data.  

We live in a high desert climate where water is limited, but that doesn't mean we can't have beautiful yards and flowers.  Find information on how to do that here. 

Weeds can crowd out desirables and outcompete them for water and nutrients. Did you know that some plants used as ornamentals in our gardens can escape and become nuisance plants (or worse) in meadows, woods, and wetlands?  These resources will help you identify weeds in your yard, and help you avoid plants that can become invasive in the landscape.