hotline tnThe Hotline is one of the important ways that Albuquerque Master Gardeners serve the community -- by providing an easy way to get your gardening questions answered.  You may want to first look through our frequently asked questions (FAQs) and explore our resources. If you can’t find an answer there please call the Master Gardener Hotline!

From March 1 to October 28 you can call in to our Master Gardener Hotline at (505) 292-7144 (from 11AM - 2PM), or (505) 243-1386 (from 9AM to 12PM and 12:30-3:30PM) on weekdays (no holidays or weekends).  You may also call (505) 243-1386 to arrange for an in-person consultation at the Extension Office located at 1510 Menaul Boulevard NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107 -- PLEASE CALL FIRST to make sure someone will be able to help you.  The Extension Office is closed for lunch from 12-12:30PM.

The Master Gardener Hotline is staffed by volunteers who are trained to answer questions you might have about a variety of local horticultural problems. Answers to your questions are based on official recommendations of New Mexico State University (NMSU) developed through extensive research under controlled conditions. Information provided reflects sound scientific reasoning. Common questions include:

  • How often do I water in the heat of the summer compared to the fall or winter?   
  • How can I identify and control the bugs on my zucchini?   
  • Does the city of Albuquerque have acidic or alkaline soil? 
  • What shade trees grow best in Albuquerque?
  • My lawn has brown spots. What is happening to it?  

NOTE: Agreements between New Mexico State University and federal granting agencies preclude university staff, including Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Service (BCCES) agents, from providing support to address issues related to cannabis. Therefore, Extension Master Gardeners are NOT ALLOWED to answer any questions related to growing cannabis. 

If you have images of plants or insects you may email them to the staff at the address they will provide. Photos can often help the Master Gardeners identify what is happening and suggest a remedy.

If we are unable to assist you through a phone call or office visit, Master Gardeners are available for home visits to diagnose the problem and help you solve it. 

In the off-season, from November through February, you can get help online - just click Ask an Expert and submit your question. We do our best to answer all submitted questions within 24 to 48 hours. 

We look forward to hearing from you!