Fifth Edition
ISBN: 978-0-9700804-5-5

Down To Earth cover photo smallThis unique book, now in its fifth edition, was written and published by Albuquerque Area Master Gardeners. It contains information based on training provided by New Mexico State University and on the knowledge and personal experiences of many Albuquerque gardeners. Its 486 pages of information include:
• Basic information about gardening in Albuquerque and answers to commonly asked questions
• A month by month calendar for garden maintenance and troubleshooting
• Articles about gardening in the seven unique areas of Albuquerque and why those areas are different
• Plant lists and sources, tips about landscaping, and articles about specialty gardening
• Xeriscaping and water-wise gardening.

"Finding this book soon after moving to Albuquerque from the Northeast saved the life of my garden ! Thank you." - Master Gardener

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